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Qamar Shafique

I am a digital marketing expert and growth hacker.

I am a digital marketing professional dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs and business owners in achieving growth by enhancing online visibility, engaging in social media marketing, and optimizing advertising strategies.

about me

I have extensive experience in digital marketing, having served in multiple roles within the department.

Digital Marketing Manager

I have led digital marketing teams as a Digital Marketing Manager for multiple business.


As an SEO professional, I’ve learned a lot by working on many campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

I have served as a social media marketing expert for various businesses.

Data Analyst

I have worked as a Data Analyst, transforming collected data into actionable information.

As a Full Stack Digital Marketer and SEO Manager, I use my strong skills and motivation to help a marketing team grow. I am always eager to succeed and stay updated with the latest in digital marketing.

As a Statistics graduate, my journey in digital marketing began with an internship in 2014 during the initial rollout of Google’s core updates like Panda and Penguin. Since then, I’ve led digital marketing teams, boosting their marketing initiatives and supporting sales to enhance revenue. In my role as a Digital Marketing Manager, I prioritize educating and training my team and colleagues involved in campaigns.

Starting at the grassroots level and progressing to a consultant, I’ve grown as an SEO professional, learning from my own mistakes and running my websites to test evolving SEO strategies. My SEO experience spans from small lead-generation sites to global e-commerce brands, covering outreach, content marketing, on-page, and technical SEO.

In social media marketing, I’ve contributed to various ventures, focusing on visibility and business growth. I’ve managed both organic campaigns and media buying, including platforms like Meta and LinkedIn. As a community management professional, I’ve handled all available social media marketing platforms.

As a Data Analyst, I’ve worked with global brands to develop platforms for data collection, transforming this data into actionable insights. I am skilled in using tools like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Looker Studio, and Big Query.

Technologies I have worked with

Dynamics 365

Doing Ordinary Things in Extraordinary Ways.

Diverse Skillset

I possess a broad skillset as an SEO professional with substantial experience and expertise in technical aspects, enabling me to lead any diverse digital marketing team effectively.

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Web Development

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